Bursary is available for Short Term Programmes for both DAS and non-DAS students with a diagnosis of dyslexia

Term 3 English Compre 


The Compre Cloze STP is designed to prepare P5 and P6 (Standard) students with skills and strategies for the Comprehension Cloze component of the PSLE English Paper. The programme aims to build their confidence in attempting cloze tasks by equipping them with skills and strategies through a sequential and cumulative approach. It also aims to provide students with exposure and practice to cloze passages that discuss different themes and topics.


  • To provide students with strategies to identify different parts of speech so that they will be able to ‘chunk’ sentences to aid them in comprehension
  • To expose students to phrasal verbs, collocations, conjunctions and connectors
  • To provide students with skills in identifying contextual clues by using the other words in a sentence to understand an unknown word or to grasp the meaning of the passage



Each lesson will begin with a review of the concept taught in the previous week. It is important that key concepts learned are reinforced as this develops a concrete base for learning new skills. Students will also be given opportunities to apply newly introduced concepts at both sentence and paragraph levels to provide them with a step by step approach as they move from simple to more complex materials towards mastery in applying the strategies.


What will students learn in the Compre Cloze STP?

  • Sentence order – Subject, verb, object
  • Adjectives, adverbs and adverbial phrases
  • Phrasal verbs
  • Connectors
  • Conjunctions
  • Collocations


With knowledge of the above concepts, students will be guided towards applying them when filling out the blanks in the cloze component.


Short Term Programme Details

Open to: Primary 5 and 6 (Standard) students scoring 40-65% in School English exams

Classes will be held online

Date: 2 Jul to 3 Sep 2020
Day: Every Thursday
Time: 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm

Course Fee:

$590.00 (Singaporean Students), $655 (Singapore PR and International Students)

(Bursary is available for Short Term Programmes for both DAS and non-DAS students with a diagnosis of dyslexia) 

Class Capacity: 8 students per class
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Make payment here: Payment to be made at the Learning Centre. Find your nearest Learning Centre here