Moon and Ship by Nuh Syazwan

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An original art piece created by our DAS student Nuh Syazwan.

Publication Date: 07 Dec 2018


20% of the amount collected will go to the artist while the rest will go to a bursary fund to help needy students.

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Name of Artwork: Moon and Ship

Description: This is a story that tells us what one can see and dream…When I was younger, I used to dream about ships and moon. I paint these as they represent how one should not stop imaging and creating their future. If you think hard, it will happen.

Name of Artist: Nuh Syazwan

Input from Creative Instructor: I met Syazwan when he was in Secondary 1 after being with another Educational Therapist (Ed.T). A little apprehensive at first, new secondary school, new teachers and Ed.T, new classrooms, I did not know his passion and talent in Arts until much later. Having seen his doodles during class one day, we talked about sketches, paintings and his favourite style - the zentangle (creating beautiful images by drawing structured patterns). He then showed me various projects he has done in school. It was impressive! This started a constant Art-related conversation before and after class. Syazwan has volunteered to paint two pieces for the DAS, Dream and Dream Big. Both with the focus on dreams and the future. Seeing how Syazwan has progressed, I am confident that he will be a very successful artist in the future.