Cotton Candy by Lycole

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An original art piece created by our DAS student Lycole.

Publication Date: 27 Feb 2018


20% of the amount collected will go to the artist while the rest will go to a bursary fund to help needy students.

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Name of Artwork: Cotton Candy
Description: Cotton candy playground. The kids are dancing in the playground. It is a magical world.

Name of Artist: Lycole
Input from Creative Instructor:
Lycole is a student of mine in our MOE Aided Programme (MAP) classes. She has been in my class as young as Primary One. Her passion and enthusiasm for Art can be seen in our daily work. She would doodle whenever she can or when I talk about anything about Arts, she would be smiling. Ever since signing up for the first Art workshop, Lycole has been in every Artventure workshop that cater to her level. I could really feel her enthusiasm before, during and after the workshop. It was certainly a joy to have Lycole in class. I truly look forward to working with her again.